Who we are

BraveBits is a small yet agile company of developers who love developing simple innovative software and delivering solutions in web. We are a small company and we like it that way. All of us have worked for big companies in the past and having that experience has given us an added appreciation of now being part of a small team. What drives us is passion, technology and perfection.

Our name says everything about what we stand for. We are small, but brave enough to follow the dream of being remarkable.

People in charge

Bui Huy Thang

Products Director

Thang has years of experience as a Web product designer and developer. He specializes in developing web applications that are user-friendly yet powerful. At BraveBits Thang is the visionary and heads the company direction while overseeing the design, the coding, the support flow and everything else. Apart from work, he is a farther of 3 kids.

Bui Anh Tuan

Marketing & Sales Director

Tuan is second-in-command at BraveBits. He isn't directly involved in programming or design, but he is the force that moves our products to customers in right way. He puts huge amount of brain resource on how to give customers what they want and to make them amazingly happy. For all advertising and partnership opportunities, you may talk to Tuan.

Nguyen Huu Hien

Technical & Technology Director

Hien is the technology guru at BraveBits. He takes care of that "machine" which moves the whole BraveBits team forward in fast and stable manner. It's not just about what workstation to assemble, what server to host on, but also about what development flow to stick with and what best software to utilize. He is truly the third component that completes the BraveBits core team.

Working Environment

A good programmer needs a quiet space and privacy to code, a spacious office with access to daylight from any angle, and work with the best tools and a bright team to aid him/her in creating that killer application.

What we do

To put it simply, we design and develop software for end-users.
It is something that we love to do and since we are quite good at it, be well rewarded for. Our current focus is developing solutions to enhance open source software.

Right now we develop templates and extensions for the open source content management system called Joomla!. Though we are quite agile in what we do, changing focus and technologies as we explore the constantly changing frontier of software development. Visit

Work with us

With BraveBits you can work in full-time or part-time mode, dependent on the position you are applying to. We pay one of the most attractive salary level.

We need you. Take a chance starting from USD 450+

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